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The San Juan & Tellurton Railroad is located in a private residence and is not open to the general public.  However, tours for individuals or small groups are scheduled on a fairly regular basis.

If you will be in the Kansas City area and would like to arrange a tour, please use the Feedback form to request a viewing.

Past visitors to the SJ&T have included international visitors, as well as those from the United States.  Click on the thumbnails below to see full-size versions of each photo.


Visitor - Yoshitaka Hashimoto (169 kb)

From an e-mail to Ken Levy [Shelly Levy's son], November 2005

. . . The most impressive thing in this trip was the train layout of Ken-san's father [Shelly Levy].  I have never seen such precise and workmanlike arts, even in the transportation museum.  Please convey him our admiration.

Yoshitaka Hashimoto [Yoshitaka Hashimoto]

Yoshitaka Hashimoto (left) of Yokohama, Japan with Shelly Levy


Visitor - Bill Foster (103 kb)

Bill Foster - An avid garden railroader shown here holding up UHU plants from Hobby Lobby to see how they might work to simulate Ivy on Wall. Bill is also a frequent participant in construction sessions on the SJ&T.

Visitors - Peter Levy and Jack Hays (103 kb)

Peter [Shelly Levy's son] and Jack - Jack Hays, who is 7, is the son of Peter's friends (and loves trains). Peter brought him over to see the SJ&T. Jack's interest extended beyond watching the trains run.  He wanted to see all the details.

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