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Jeff Dutton (1950-1996)

Jeff Dutton’s profession was as a builder of architectural models.  He originally had an HO layout.  In 1985, Jeff started an On3 layout (representing narrow gauge railroading in the Colorado Mountains), the Tellurton, Cascade and Western - or TC&W. 

At the time of his death in 1996, half of the layout was fully completed with scenery and backdrops.  Jeff’s ability to create depth perspective was phenomenal, as shown in the photos in the Scenery section.  Suzie, Jeff's widow, is an artist, and lent a critical eye to Jeff's efforts.  The results are some of the most realistic portrayals of scenes in the Colorado Rockies to be found.  Besides the scenery, outstanding features of the layout included a 14 foot long trestle, assorted buildings and a hobo camp.  The TC&W trackage was hand laid with codes 83 and 70 rail. 

After Jeff's death in 1996, the TC&W lay fallow.  In 1998, Shelly Levy and Steve McKee asked Suzie Dutton to allow the TC&W to be included in layout tour associated with the 1998 National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) meet in Kansas City.  Suzie agreed to this request and Jeff's layout was one of the highlights of the tour.

After the NMRA tour, Shelly asked Suzie if she would be interested in selling the TC&W to him.  His intention was to relocate the layout to his basement and to expand and enhance it as a remembrance of Jeff's talent.  He felt he could learn from Jeff's superb work and that he would be able to  emulate the techniques in expanding the layout.

Suzie sold the layout to Shelly in October of 1998.   "Tellurton" is included in the name of the San Juan and Tellurton Railroad to honor Jeff and to recognize the important contribution the TC&W has made to the SJ&T.  

Jeff Dutton  (83 kb)

Jeff Dutton, creator of the original Tellurton, Cascade & Western Railroad

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Rolling Stock of the TC&W Railroad (169 kb)

Rolling Stock of the Tellurton, Cascade and Western (TC&W) Railroad


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