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These photos show some of the scenery of the SJ&T.    Click on the images to see a full-size version of each photo.


The Bridge at Cordova Canyon (74 kb)

D&RGW #494 crossing the bridge at Cordova canyon - The Arch bridge, fabricated from Central Valley and Micro Engineering girders, was scratch built by the author. The arch has a catenary shape dictated by calculated equilibrium forces at girder junctions. (RM)

Hesperas Junction - From the Aisle (103 kb)

#169 & #278 passing at Hesperas Junction from aisle - The same elements and placement of #169 and #278 that of picture directly below but photographed from the fascia looking North. The depth perspective is enhanced by smaller tree sizes with higher elevations. (SL)

Passing at Hesperas Junction (111 kb)

#169 & #278 Passing at Hesperas Jct - Looking to the west at the passing track at Hesperas junction there is #278 and #169. The distance from the left edge of the engines to the backdrop is about 8 inches. Photo above is the same scene from a different angle. (SL)

Cordova Canyon Bridges (133 kb)

Cordova Canyon - RGS #22 eastbound on the bridge and D&RGW #278 leaving the west portal of Tellurton tunnel. (SL)

Falls Creek Trestle (77 kb)

#169 on trestle at Falls Creek - D&RGW # 169 crossing Falls Creek. Jeff did a superb modeling job of the water in Falls Creek. (RM)

Tellurton (163 kb)

Tellurton From El Capitan - Tellurton is a busy place as shown from photographing it from the cliffs above the factories at Foster siding. After coming out of Tellurton tunnel, #278 is to handle passenger actions at Tellurton station, a Gunnison station kit. (SL)
Tellurton Panoramic Composite (63 kb) Tellurton composite This photo is a composite panoramic view to show the reconstructed portion of the layout shown in photo in the section on removal of the layout from Jeff Dutton's home. In my basement there is a column in front of the town of Tellurton forcing me to use the panoramic stitching of photos to create an “after” photo. (SL)

Mountain Rocks (108 kb)

#25 heading to Freight Station - The mountains rocks are another example of the fine craftsmanship of Jeff Dutton

Below Howe Truss (137 kb)

#278 below Howe truss - Looking westerly from Tellurton there is #278 heading eastbound past El Capitan to Hidden Valley. The area below the Howe truss is a mirror reflection, note the train at the bottom area of the mirror.

Cordova Canyon - Looking East (86 kb)

Looking Easterly from Cordova Canyon. (SL)

Hobos around the campfire (198 kb)

Hobo campfire built by Jeff Dutton has had its flickering incandescent red/yellow painted lamp replaced by a fiber optic fire simulator. A rotating disc illuminates the fiber bundle that imitates the effects of dancing hot embers of a burning campfire. (RM)

Click here to see a video (5.7 mb) of the burning embers!

Photo Credits:

(SL)  Shelly Levy      (RM)  Ron Morse, MMR


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