The San Juan & Tellurton Railroad Buildings


TC&W Relocation




These photos show some of the buildings and other artifacts of the SJ&T.  Click on the images to see a full-size version of each photo.


Tellurton Mercantile at Dusk (63 kb)

Tellurton Mercantile at dusk, room incandescent lamps at low power to allow store’s lighting to show interior detailing. The shelved can goods was from a scaled image of the fully-loaded canned goods storage. Making the bolts of fabrics was a major time consumer. (SL)

Pandero Oven Company at "night time" (53 kb)

Pandero Oven Company at “night time” when the only room illumination is blue lamps operating at reduced output (voltage) to simulate the night sky. Exposure was 15 seconds at F 8 with ISO 80. The moon and smoke courtesy of Photoshop. (SL)

Tellurton Station (103 kb)

Tellurton Station. Built from the Gunnison Station kit. (SL)

Jeff's Building (97 kb)

Jeff’s Building illustrates the exceptional ability Jeff had in modeling. His profession was making models for architects. The switchman was scratch built by Shelly based on a Marty Vaughn clinic. (RM)

Foster Manufacturing (90 kb)

Foster Manufacturing with Shay #6 and an ore car on the Howe truss heading to the switchback for the future location of the Levi Mine. The two tunnel entrances are on the 8% grade of the switchback. (RM)



Photo Credits:

(SL)  Shelly Levy      (RM)  Ron Morse, MMR




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