The San Juan & Tellurton Railroad Engines


TC&W Relocation




These photos show some of the locomotives of the SJ&T.  Click on the images to see a full-size version of each photo.


D&RGW #278 (123 kb)

D&RGW # 278 at Los Pinos - A Class C16 consolidation drawing a Bachman combo and a passenger car as it pulls in to receive water at the Los Pinos facilities. The trucks of the On30 Bachman cars were "stretched with shims" to accommodate the On3 track. (SL)

D&RGW #3494 (115 kb)

D&RGW 3494 at Pandero Ovens, A K-37 engine #494 is running light on its return to Westcliffe. There is real rust on the steel rails along the track. (RM)

RGS #25 (101 kb)

RGS #25 at Hidden Valley - #25 is an RGS 10 wheeler and is facing westbound Hidden Valley. (RM)

Tellurton viewed from El Capitan Mountain (97 kb)

Tellurton viewed from El Capitan Mountain. (SL)

D&RGW #169 and #494 (129 kb)

D&RGW #169 & #494 at Cordova Canyon - D&RGW #169 pulling out of Westcliffe tunnel east portal and #494 are in view of vacationers on Devils Overhang. (SL)

D&RGW #278 (128 kb)

#278 on trestle at Cordova Canyon D&RGW - #278 emerging from the west portal of the Tellurton tunnel. The trestle was scratch built-on-site and replaced the temporary ¾” birch plywood roadbed of Jeff Dutton’s original layout. For this photo the camera was mounted on an oak t-beam extending over Cordova canyon’s arch bridge and trestle. (SL)

D&RGW #278 (134 kb)

#278 emerging from Turner tunnel at the Westcliffe yards. D&RGW’s only non-steam engine #50 is sitting on track 3 of the yards.

D&RG #50 (101 kb)

D&RG #50 - A close-in photo of the rear of #50 showing its back-end striping and side lettering.  Orange decals could not be found so computer printouts were mounted on the engine with rubber cement. (SL)

D&RGW #494 (115 kb)

Looking eastward shows #494 pulling in at Los Pinos to take on water. (RM)

RGS #25 (99 kb)

RGS #25 entering the trestle above Hidden Valley, the west end of Tellurton Trestle

   Photo Credits:

   (SL)  Shelly Levy      (RM)  Ron Morse, MMR


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